Premio Postnacional Arqueologías del Futuro

April 2018 at Biquini Wax.

The Post-National Prize Archeology of the Future Drawing Chávez Morado, carried out in the Bikini Wax space, aimed to promote the post-national creation of potential archaeological drawings that serve as coordinates to locate other temporal and spatial dimensions parallel to ours.

More than 30 artists participated nationally and internationally in the selection.

Resulting winners:

-First place. Marisabel Arias Luzuriaga (Peru)

-Second place. Angel Sesma (Mexico)

-Third place. Victoire Barbot (France)
For the award ceremony, the Tulancingo, Hidalgo pit style barbecue ritual was held.

The jury was made up of: members of Biquini Wax, Abraham Gonzalez Pacheco, Victor Sulser, Abraham Cruzvillegas and Ignacio Neri.

1st. price Marisabel Arias Luzuriaga



2nd. price Angel Sesma

3rd. price Victoire Barbot


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